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Re: DVD Ripping/Editing/Burning tutorial - NEWBIES READ!

I'm just really confused about this.

I have a pile of clips which I want to burn to a DVD (I have Nero Vision Express which came with the computer) and I want to create a menu where the main menu divides into 2 sections each of which has a few clips each. Now Nero help tells me that I can have 2 volumes on the dvd which is what I want - it just doesn't tell me how I do this. Whenever I try and do this by creating chapters I can only create chapters within each clip - I don't want that I want to create 2 sections on the disc, each with a few clips within.

I tried the TMPGenc authoring programme but it didn't like the avi files, nor did it like the properties of the mpg files I have (this disc is a mix of both). Now I could encode them with their encoding programme but the trial version of TMPGenc author 2 leaves a watermark in the menus so that's out.

I looked up ReelDVD but the price is ridiculous for a home user who might only do this half a dozen times and I couldn't find a trial version anyway.

Is there a relatively easy burning programme which will take avi and mpg files, burn them to a dvd and allow me to set up a hierarchical menu for a decent price? This is very frustrating. Would a full version of Nero do this?

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