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Getting the Correct Audio/Video Bitrate on PCs and Macs

I've seeded a couple of DVDs that I did not author. When I went to seed them, I opened the VOB in MPegInfo (Mac) and got the Audio and Video Bitrate. However, I soon realized that every VOB I opened with MPegInfo would give me different information on the Audio Bitrate (but the same for the Video Bitrate). So, I downloaded and installed GSpot on my PC and opened those same VOBs with GSpot and finally got the correct Audio Bitrate for the DVD. But, now I'm hearing that both of those applications are giving the Maximum Video Bitrate, not the Average. I've been told that PowerDVD will give the average, but I just looked into that and it isn't free (although I can get a free 30 trial). I have a friend who can't install GSpot (he runs Win 98 and it won't install for him) and he has PowerDVD, so he can get the Average Video Bitrate for any DVD he seeds, however he says that it won't give him the Audio Bitrate!

So, I'm just wondering....

first off, is there another (freeware) program to use on the Mac that will give acurate Audio Bitrate and Codec information? And, how about giving the Average Video Bitrate?

and then, for the PC, is there a freeware program that will give both the Audio Bitrate as well as the Average Video Bitrate?
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