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Re: Music Categories for torrents??

i had started a thread about this, for a specific jazz forum... i voted for user defined? which i'm not exactly sure is what i wanted, but its close enough. my proposal would be something like user defined/maintained groups. perhaps have special moderators for those groups that have a pretty good knowledge of the group, what fits and what doesnt.

have a list that lists everything posted regardless of group, and also specific forums. these forums would have to be moderated (or have a way to report to mods), so incase ratm makes it into the jazz forum, it could be kicked back out into general population...

i dont think all of the specific groups (rock, hiphop, etc) for everything are necessary, but breakout groups for specific things, jazz, classical, artists currently on tour, perhaps one for jambands (although it seems most of that stuff ends up on etree).

totally disjointed, but i think my .02 are here.
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