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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Phishblowz
...if this is not JUST a torrent site, then why are the ratios specific to the torrents, and not the whole site...would anyone opine on whether this idea sounds good (or even makes sense to anyone but me)...PLEASE!!! it sounds like the answer to a lot of these problems, and no one said a word about it...don't you viners and bnpers want to get credit for your efforts???
Trying to give someone a 'credit' in their ratio everytime they post a Vine or give a B&P would be a nightmare for Staff. It's much easier for us to list those items on their profile page. And, if we did decide to credit their ratio, trying to decide how much to credit them for each Vine/B&P would also be difficult to decide. The torrent ratio should show what they do on torrents. The Vines and B&Ps list shows how many shows they have offered in those ways. Maybe if I have a bit of time, I can add a link under their ratio that shows if they are a Viner or B&Per. Perhaps that would help to 'instantly' see what this person is contributing here.
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