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I need help finding a port (

Okay. This has happened to me before. Settings work fine for months or a year or more. Then one day shits all fucked up and I can't get it right.

I am on a MacOSX.3.9. I have a Westell router/modem. I connect via wireless airport.

My first question is about finding a good port. I know how to setup port forwarding in my router. I know that the firewall on my mac needs to have those ports open. I know that the client being used needs to have those ports listed as well. So my problem probably lies in the port selected.

To use this can you see me website do I need to setup the port in my router and firewall before I test it on that site? I would guess yes.

I keep getting...

Error: I could not see your service on XX.XX.XXX.XX on port (49800)
Reason: Connection refused
49800 being one example.
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