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trouble staying on after download, to keep ratio up

I love your site but I won't be around long unless I can get this resolved.
See my ratio.
I'm a technical ignoramus but not ungrateful./
I've just been introduced to this world and have been downloading
from a few sites at once. At the others, I simply stay on after
downloading complete and I continue to upload until my ratio is 1.5 minimum.
But with the few I've done with you guys after download completed an error message comes up on the
board where the word "downloading" had been and seeding simply stops.
Now my ratio is very bad. When my current download completes, if I'm even able to, what do you recommend I do, if that error message appears again.
Or, if I'm locked out, who should I address my question to: ? As I say, a good guy, just ignorant.
you can write me directly at in case I get locked out.
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