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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

like I said, Freezer has a non-ratio...if you don't take anything, you don't give anything's still balanced and not a defecit...but freezer should have major upload credited to his ratio stats for all his "behind the scenes" efforts in recording and circulating the things he has worked on like that...I have said several times that many of the folks here with these bad attitudes have done no wrong in my book...either their ratio looks good or I am conciously aware of their other efforts (like in Freezers case) so they're all cool by me...hopefully none of them have taken any offense to what i said...I they they are acting childish amongst each other, but the few encounters I've had with any of them, they were decent to me, so I can't speak against them...they have done no wrong by me

but about this ratio issue...say for instance a 5gb credit to your account for every vine offer, or bnp fulfilled, etc...all the people who download without uploading but give back in other ways, would receive credit for what they do and it would balance the ratio...the only people who would have poor stats would be those who contribute nothing in any fashion could be done, and it would settle a lot of the inaccuracies with the ratio...I even offered the idea of abandoning the ban idea, but still finding a way to make the ratio about your overall efforts, and not just your bandwidth count...but no one has said ANYTHING about it a bad idea???

I just think that most folks who are very active in the vines and bnps are getting shortchanged when people see a lousy ratio and think they don't contribute...why not credit them so they are recognized and appreciated for the effort...that's why we post ratios here, is for the recognition of your effort (or lack thereof) so why not apply the credit properly...if this is not JUST a torrent site, then why are the ratios specific to the torrents, and not the whole site...would anyone opine on whether this idea sounds good (or even makes sense to anyone but me)...PLEASE!!! it sounds like the answer to a lot of these problems, and no one said a word about it...don't you viners and bnpers want to get credit for your efforts???
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