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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Hi, I'm Matt and I am a recovering thoughtless leach.

I am finally at 1.00.

I am glad I wasn't banned back when I had a .5 or.6 or whatever it started out as. I honestly didn't get the whole uploading until your ratio is at least a 1.00 untlil I had been downloading for quite a while. Plus, sometimes my wife turns off the computer when I am not around to keep the kids from screwing with it.

Now that I understand, I let a torrent stay until at least 1 and usually until the torrent seems to have played out. When I am not downloading new stuff I try to find at least a couple of shows that need help that I can rejoin. This is what has brought me back up to 1.00. The sense of guilt that came with realizing that I was a thoughtless leach has gone away. Now, maybe I can come up with some new stuff to seed over the course of this summer.
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