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Re: Should we ban mindless leechers?

Originally Posted by Calmypal
I don't think I get the first option. On balance, there should be more uploads than downloads? How's that supposed to work out?
it's not about uploading and downloading torrents friend, we are talking about the amount of bandwidth you have shared on the torrents you are downloading...obviously we will have more downloaders than uploaders, or else no one would take stuff because they're too busy uploading their own stuff, but the idea we are getting at, is that once a few folks complete and the uploader leaves the torrent, it is up to those who completed the torrent to continue sharing it with the remaining leechers so that they complete the torrent as well...if all the downloaders leave once they complete, all the remaining downloaders will get stuck with no one to share the complete torrent...we are trying to compel others to do more to give back what they no means is this a demand (or even a request) that everyone proactively upload their own stuff to be considered a valued member...but all of us have a download client and if you can figure out how to take a torrent then giving is a natural byproduct, but leaving it to run after completion is a personal choice...that is the issue being discussed here...hopefully this info has been helpful to you...please keep your window open to share what you take or offer a vine or bnp to give back if you would is currently not required to do anything but take and enjoy, but common courtesy should compel you to be a decent person and share back what you take online via uploading to 1.0 or by offering bns or vines to make up the difference...currently you are allowed to take as much as you want and leave the community high and dry, but hopefully you don't need to be forced not to do that...most people should want to be better than's a shame that some are not, but that's why we have this deal with that kind of person...hopefully you make better choices than that...welcome new guy
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