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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

can we enforce some kind of decency policy that people can agree on.??? maybe add a ratio value to a vine offer or bnp or something and credit them so that the ratio will reflect all aspects of sharing on the den rather than actual ul and dl stats...somehow these arrogant fools that have come here to take the best and fuck the rest have to be stopped for the good of the's more about courtesy and decency than about an actual ratio issue...hopefully we can find an area we can all agree on to resolve the issue...I think everyone would agree that people like Dudogger shouldn't be here...the question is how to remove them without accidentally eliminating some of the good ones in the process...any suggestions guys???

I think ratio credits for vines and bnps is a great idea to help make sure that credit is given for all kinds of sharing (to further Lynnes idea that this isn't strictly torrents) so we can evaluate the overall sharing practice of the members within the community and feel better about enforcing a ratio because of all the ways offered to improve it...anyone else wanna pitch in any ideas ???
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