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Re: Fixing SBEs with shntool

bobs, I don't see anything wrong with this code. In fact, it looks eerily familiar to me as some code I once wrote and posted at STG for use with len mode.

As I posted above, shntool in fix mode pads the last track by default so you don't need to put anything in there to get it to pad.

I think we need some more information. Could you tell us what shntool actually says when it fixes a set that has an sbe on the last track?

As an aside, I would suggest the following:
- Put quotes around every *.%%T just in case your interpreter has trouble with spaces in filenames (which is a no no for audio trading anyway, but it happens).
- Using a batchfile for fix mode is risky because you might not always want the entire set of files treated as one set if the music is actually say 2 sets. Do keep that in mind.
- This batchfile will always output into wave format. I'm not sure that's what you really want when fixing shn, flac or ape. As I said I have a sneaking suspicion that I am the original author of this code, but I wrote it only for len mode, and someone has adapted it to fix mode, for which it was not really intended.
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