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Re: BEST rechargable batteries ? ? ?

I use and recommend Eneloop. I did some initial testing when I got my recorders (18 mths apart) and this was the general result after at least a dozen tests on both recorders:

Edirol R09 HR - 16gb SD Card.

Fresh batteries, Continuous recording.

16/44.1 = 7hrs 20 min

24/48 = 7hrs 15 min

24/96 = 5hrs 45 min

Tascam DR2d - 16Gb SD Card.

Fresh batteries, Continuous recording.

16/44.1 = 6hrs 45 min

24/48 = 6hrs 10 min

24/96 = 5hrs 25 min

Note: The "continuous" recording was based on just sitting the recorder on the mantle and letting it run 'till auto off (when battery ran out).

As uni-fi points out, recording a quiet room is different to a gig, but I definitely get 5 hrs at hi-res every time.

Two things to remember with rechargables -

1. Use a fresh set every time!
2. After you've transferred the files from the SD, quick format the card, in the recorder, and run the recorder to use up what power remains in the batteries 'till they're dead - then recharge!

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