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Re: upload help

I'm new at this, too. I started out downloading shows but would delete them after burning them to disc. I'm making quite a few mistakes. I just spent a week-and-a-half downloading a full show (two discs) on dial-up and have had it in the seed mode but I dont (and haven't) seen any activity. I'm downloading another show right now and have the zep show in 'seed' mode. The current dl hasn't uploaded a single kb and the show is over 25 percent complete. I have utorrent 1.7.7 (and the newest beta addition) with crappy dial-up. What gives?
Also, a friend at work who is a purported pc geek, says that since I have dial-up I dont have a 'router', if this is true, how can I forward my ports (other than just using random ones all the time). I think I read somewhere (probably here) that it's best to use ports 6881-6889 for best results. Does this mean to have all of those open all the time, and if so, how?
I went to for help and it went through this big speil about getting a model number off of your router, etc, then I find out I dont have one!?! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
I want to upload as much as possibe just like the next guy, I just need a little help. Pretty soon my ratio is gonna go in the negative!!!
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