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Re: Uploading question, Azureus

Originally Posted by frank3si
On second thought, since initially posting I've had the Genesis and Mahavishnu DVD shows open pretty much all weekend, finally getting one up to nearly a 1.00 share ratio and the other over .5 before stopping each in Azureus - and I notice my stats are still the same. So I think there's an issue with the upload/download tracking, at least in my case...

No issue. Simply stop your torrents and start them again to get the tracker to update your stats (do not pause them - it won't work).

EDIT: Good advice on the 80% upload thing too. Some clients are programmed to give crappy downloads if you have the upload set to something too low for what the programmer thinks is fair. No details as to what % with what client though. I just know from experience that it's best to 70~80% for optimal download on a number of clients.
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