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Question Uploading question, Azureus

Being fairly new to the world of torrents I have a question about uploading via Azureus. For a couple of weeks I've been downloading audio torrents, which then drop to the seeding window Azureus. My ratio here and on another site has been easily 1+ because obviously I want to pass on what I download.

This week, though, I downloaded my first DVDs, the full-show Genesis at Shepperton, Floyd at Live8, and the Mahavishnu compilation. Though the DLs went fine (though much slower than audio), the seeding is really really slow. I've had the Genesis DVD seeding pretty much every night and for a large part of each day for a week now and it's still only at .75 share, while I've had the Mahavishnu show available over 24 hours and it's just at .2. When I'm not downloading, I set the Azureus max upload speed to unlimited. What bothers me is my Tarders Den ratio is now at .47, when I'm really trying to keep things open to anyone who wants it. Is it just there's no demand for these shows?

Can anyone offer guidance on this? What are good max upload settings? Is unlimited the best? What should I set it at if I'm downloading at the same time? I use cable modem access, btw.

Thanks for any comments!

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