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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by schmoe75 View Post
1, The majority of Tapers understand what has already been pointed out and YOU are ignoring...once its given to anyone else, it's out of their hands, which is why it's pointless to put bs notes like 'don't torrent this on other sites or trade as is only, no mp3's'.
2, The only opinion that matters around here is Lynne's, so until she decides to change it, YOU can whine about it all YOU ain't changing.
3, If you don't like the policy, there's nothing stopping you from starting your own site and enacting whatever rules you want.
Till then....
If you dont like what I have to say, dont read it. No one is putting a gun to your head.

But lets attempt to use your logic.

Youve authored some of the tripod guy's masters, is that right?
If not, somebody did.
This policy that you stand behind is the equivalent of saying now that you
or someone else has done that, they are theirs or your masters and they are no longer the filmers masters. Thats absurd.

I guarantee you the tripod guy who filmed those shows, who sent you or someone else his masters (just like multiple filmers have sent me their masters to transfer) is the one calling the shots, is the one saying whether or not you could torrent these shows and where you can torrent them.

If these were your masters that you transferred and authored, you would be calling the shots as well.

That is how it works.
Filmers always call the shots.