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"Windows Media Player Cannot Skip To Requested Part Of The Dvd"

I have gotten the following error message while trying to play Miles Davis 1967-11-07 [Part 1 - with 10/31/67 & 11/4/69]. Please Help. I am in no way new to this site or bt downloading and this seems to be the first show ive downloaded and gotten errors on. First off my download appears to only be 5.12GB when the file size is supposed to be 5.13. I have tried to redownload whats missing and bt client always says 100% and can seed so i dont know. Now thats not really the problem. The problem occurs while trying to play this on windows media player as i play every other dvd i download off of here on that player. When i open up disc 1 the disc with the 2 shows on it, it tells me that windows media player cannot skip to the requested area and fails. I am simply trying to open the dvd from the .ifo file and start the entire dvd. I have no idea whats wrong and would love any help. The first disc is the 10/31/67 and 11/4/69 and is 3.22 GB. The 2nd folder labled 11-7-67 has no problems opening and playing and is 1.9GB. So once again any help is greatly appreciated.

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