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Re: What does this drop around 20 kHz mean?

Originally Posted by Luap View Post
I don't think my files are from a TV source...I think they originally are from a vinyl bootleg (Vigotone Smile - Beach Boys). (Btw, this is the only track with the 16 kHz spike I think).

@kill_them_all1000: in the topic "MP3 (Lame 3.92) Spectral and Frequency analyses" there is a screen shot from a 256 kbit mp3 file that looks exactly the same as my file (drop around 20 kHz). How can you explain that?
That everyone is guessing (some better than others). There is no "foolproof"
way to tell if a file is lossy or not. Most software packages suck at detection.

Noise reduction, EQ, multiple tape generations, antique recording equipment and
many other things can make a recording appear suspect........
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