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Re: dvd burning/ dvd playing

I don't think windows comes with burning software for DVDs. It does for CDs but not DVDs. (I could be wrong.) You will need a program such as Ahead Nero, Prassi ONES, etc. to burn with. They typically come with your burner. You may have Roxio if it is a Dell, etc. If you don't have one Nero and ONES are around 25-30 bucks I think. It's been a while since I bought my copy of ONES.

You will take the files you get here, use the burning software to burn them onto a DVD either dvd-r or dvd+r which are single layer(4.7GB) or dual layer discs(8.5GB) depending on the length of the files. The need for dual layer media is noted with each torrent here if it is required. Then that DVD will play in your standard home player.
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