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My router keeps resetting itself ARgH!

So I have this issue. It sort of comes and goes but it seems to be worse and worse. Maybe it is just the router. I don't know. It is a Westell Versalink. I have a PC hardwired to it. There is no port configurations on the PC. I use two Mac's via WiFi and one of those is my internet browser. I run OSX.3.9 on that one. It is port forwarded and at this time seems to be set up properly. It seems like when I am connected to a torrent(s) and using other internet connections, whether it is on the PC or the same Mac as the torrents, my router resets itself. I seem to be having problems with various clients (tomato, transmission, and azureus). They roll smoothly for a little bit but then choke down to 0 up and 0 down. Any ideas why my router would be resetting itself a lot. I don't think it is overheating but maybe it is. I do use a static NAT on my internet Mac. Thanks.
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