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Re: How about sending you a spectral view image before seeding the actual gig?

Originally Posted by Five
first question: yeah, post 'em up in the lossy or lossless forum. if you pm them to me it might take me a week to get back to you depending on how flooded I am with pms. but when you post it here lots of ppl can help you out. eventually you will get a feel for it and just post up the strangest ones. looking at some of the older threads in the lossy or lossless forum can help you learn what to look for.

second question: when you push 'manage attachments' a popup appears which has buttons for finding & uploading up to three attachments at a time. thread subscription is something different. I'm not sure if I understand the question.
I won't burden you even more with any of my posts any further sending them posts directly to you. Makes some sense!

So, to post a spectral view image in the "Lossy or Lossless?" forum is a sound idea. Right?

OK. I'll try to figure it out how it all works.

Oh... Really? I thought my question was quite straight forward: "How about sending you a spectral view image before seeding the actual gig?" Am I that lost with my English?

Thank you for your swift answer.

Ps. Sorry, but I'm a bit lost with all these shortenings like "pms" for example. Possibly I'll learn them little by little with baby steps. I learned my English listening through Ramones' first album twice, thou I'm an university graduate. I'm more used to talking in English than writing it. Sorry.
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