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Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Just want to add here..... Bits On Wheels is NOT RECOMMENDED as a bittorrent client. In fact, it is banned on many sites. It pounds the tracker and it can mess with your stats (I've seen it happen many times). I'd strongly suggest switching over to Azureus.

I've got a error question as well. Lately I've been getting the following error:

"Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers."

I do not understand why this error would appear, as the most recent torrent that the error appeared on had more than 50 seeders and almost as many leeches.

I am occasionally able to download a torrent, but not consistenly, and the download is much slower than my upload speed (around 60 KB - I don't know if that is fast or not).

I use BitTorrent (I think that is the name). Would changing to Azureus possible make any difference?


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