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Re: NAT Error: Can I still download?

Originally Posted by WalrusMan View Post
I'm new to the forum and the torrent idea, so I'm sure other people have come across this before. But a quick search hasn't revealed anything for me. All the downloads I have are yellow. When I mouse over them they say NAT Error possible. After a little research of that I come to find it's most likely something with your router. There inlays the problem. Right now, renting an apartment and working two jobs to get by, my internet comes from where I can get it. That means whatever person is broadcasting their wireless internet without protection, that's where I'm getting my internet.

So my question is this, if I have a NAT error, can I still download? Or will the file not complete? Will it just download slower?

Thanks for your answers on this.
With 2 jobs you may also want to consider getting your own internet may just find it does wonders for your issues.

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