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Re: Is there an alternative to playable data DVDs?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
but then the SA player might not read the disc due to the fact that there are unknown file formats instead of the accepted _TS folder structure [worth a try none the less]

ROBLOV -- the other option is to do what i do, burn a data copy for archiving [this includes all info/md5s, etc and is what i use to copy from for trading/seeding]...then burn a separate DVD-Video copy as my "watchable"

because honestly, if you want to keep the show for a long time &/or plan on trading/seeding the show, you dont want to damage the disc by watching it, scratching it up, etc
@AAR.oner: Up to now, i've always burned a video DVD of a given show with the purpose of watching it and a data DVD of the same show with the purpose of archiving (that's exactly what you do.) But, when i learned the possibility of making playable data DVDs i thought it was a nice solution to this "duplication problem" i had to go through every time i wanted to put a DVD torrent to disk. It seems i won't be able to make them play on my DVD player. Bad luck. Your advice about archiving is good and well, i'll have to stick to it by force anyway.

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