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Re: fixing disks with gaps

Originally Posted by GRC
I could do it on my Alesis Masterlink; if you're happy to send the discs to me by snail-mail, it'll take me 5-10mins to accomplish (depending on numbers of tracks/discs), then burn time to create new discs. If you want me to use your favoured blanks, just send them along with the originals.

Where are you? I'm in Scotland, UK. Send me a private message via this forum if you'd like me to help.

Regards, Graham
Thanks for the kind offer! I think I'd like to try to do it myself, as I have a few titles that need fixing. And you are correct, Graham, mp3 is the only format I have for these, although they are much loved! So enhancing the experience by removing those annoying gaps is important to me.
Thanks again. I'll let you know if I succeed. And thanks to all for the advice.
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