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Re: Which Bit Torrent Client Do You Use?

A few more points about azureus.
1) When you open the program, it restates all the torrents that were working when you shut it down, from the same point you left off, and with the same stats as when you left off. (I don't know it that was clear before)
2) If you right click on a torrent that is downloading, you can select parts you do not want to download. Example: filler, you know the songs somebody stuck on the end of the disk, so the disk would be full. You can also download only a text file, like if you lost one.
3) You can set individule upload speeds, too. Again right click an active torrent.
4) You have a lot of options, as to what columns you want displayed. You are not stuck with the default settings. This can help you keep track of your torrents. Up seed, down speed, # of seeds, # of leeches, share ratio, size of torrent, eta, % done, are some of my favorites.
5) you can also right click a torrent and click remove> remove torrent and data. That means if you decide not to download a show, the folder will be empty. That way you do not wast time decoding a incomplete torrent.
Thanks Mike
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