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Re: Which Bit Torrent Client Do You Use?

Plagiarizing myself from another thread:

I have recently discovered that if your router has UPnP capability, it is much better to turn that on and turn on Azureus' UPnP function, and don't bother forwarding any ports in your router. (You will still have to make sure that your WinXP firewall has an open port, however).

The reason UPnP is superior is that you don't have to mess around with port forwarding, and it's more secure than port forwarding because the ports are opened only by the application you want, and only when the application is running. Otherwise the port is closed.

I have the UPnP feature running on my router with both Azureus and BitTornado and it works great. Azureus was the easiest to deal with as it didn't require me to make any adjustments to my router (BitTornado did). You can see in the UPnP log that Azureus is using UPnP, and you can use the test feature to make sure that the port is open for Azureus. I got it working with BitTornado too, but it was a bit more tricky. But it was less work than port forwarding.
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