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Re: Which Bit Torrent Client Do You Use?

Originally Posted by Ted
By manually opening up each torent again (in BitTornado), do you mean when you are seeding or when you are simply downloading? If simply downloading, then does that mean you have to start the download from the beginning? When seeding with Shareaza, and I close the client, I have to reseed again, which means that I have to wait for the program to "process" the file(s) again and it could take a few minutes to do this (an eternity for me ). I hope this isn't what you mean (fingers crossed).

I like that fact that I can fine tune the up/download speeds for the individual torrents. That's a good feature for me.
No, with Bit Tornado (or with any client for that matter) you don't have to restart from the beginning. Unless your pc crashes and you have the flush data to disc option turned off. It will usually start back up straight away without having to process the files again, both when downloading and seeding. Sometimes it seems to forget where it was and has to check the whole lot again but it only takes a minute or two.

BTW I found out how to set individual upload caps in Azareus so that's one less reason to use Bit Tornado now.
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