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Question Which Bit Torrent Client Do You Use?

Just thought this might be a helpful thread to all. Reason being there has been a few people asking for seeds on torrents when there are enough distributed copies to go around if everyone shares at least 1:1. I havent searched through all the threads here to see if there is something posted already. If I am duplicating something I aplogize. I thought also by starting this thread it might help on keeping some of these torrents around a little longer because they keep real good track on how much you are sharing and not sharing. There are probably a bunch of different clients out there but I use Bit Tornado and its pretty awesome. It has more features with it than I know what to do with. I am no computor genius and it actually took me a little while to figure out there are some different bit torrent clients out there. Like I said before hopefully this helps a few peeps out and not just a pointless thread!
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