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Re: Bad Trader: Tripkore - Robert Zimmerman

On another forum, myself, Tripkore, and 7 other members joined together in a crowd-sourcing effort to liberate a few hundred master recordings from a retired taper. The agreement reached was that Tripkore would transfer all the recordings and disseminate them to everybody else in the group that contributed money towards this.

At first, things went smoothly with approximately 100 recordings being released to everybody. But then for whatever reason, he cut access to his FTP server, claiming he was having PC issues. Within days his FTP was magically up and running again for private trades, but ironically enough, not for sharing the shows with the group. Days turned into weeks, which turned into 6 months of nothing. Anybody that questioned what or why nothing was being shared for such a lengthy amount of time was met with vague replies that dodged the question, avoiding any accountability whatsoever. Try to press him to give a straight answer and suddenly we're "bullying" and "threatening" him. Meanwhile, he's telling certain people via PM that he's not going to share all the shows because not everybody paid the same amount. NOTE: The agreement was everybody would get full access. There was never any discussion on some people getting more/less than others.

For anybody ever thinking about retiring from this hobby and offering up your collection...Don't ever consider giving it to Tripkore. And if you're a trader, boycott trading with him. There seems to be no shortage of people with bad things to say about him. It's best to avoid getting involved with him in the first place.
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