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Help! I'm logged in but can't seem to download attachments/torrents.
This is a cookie problem on the site. You need to go to to log in, not just Once you login to, make sure to clear your cache. Now you should be able to download attachments/torrents.

I can't seem to login to my account any longer and the site doesn't seem to recognize my email addy. What's up?

We delete accounts that have been Inactive (you haven't logged in) for more than twelve months with less than 100 posts AND also accounts that have been Inactive for more than six months with no posts. If you think your account was deleted because of inactivity, but now you want to join the site again, feel free to register again.

If you are positive you have logged onto the site in the last six months, then click the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page and send an email to the Site Admin with as much information as possible and see if they can look up your account.

Where are the post counts?
Viewing people's post counts is an option here. If you would like to see the post counts, go to your User Control Panel Edit Options setting. Under "Thread Display Options" it asks you whether you wish to see user post counts. Note that yours and other members' post counts will continue to be tabulated whether you can see them or not, but we offer this option for people who are uninterested in this statistic.

How do I change my layout?
We currently have two options for viewing the poster's information in the thread view window: top layout and left side layout. Some users prefer one over the other, so we provide both as an option. If you want to change from a top layout to a left side layout, head over to your the User Control Panel Edit Options setting. Under "Thread Display Options" is the "Forum Layout" option which allows you to toggle bewteen these two viewing options.

Left View Example:

Top View Example:

Can I sort by first post time?
Yes, in fact there are a whole array of options. Underneath the thread listing in any forum's main view window are a few drop-down menus with viewing options. You can select how the threads in the forum are sorted here. Many users find it easiest to browse through new torrents by simply selecting sort by "First Post Time" so that they can view the newest threads first.

How do I report a post to a moderator?
If you find a seed that does not conform to the Audio or Video seeding policies or is in violation of our Posting Guidelines, please click the Report This Post Icon located in the user-info box of each post. Fill out the form with an explanation of why the post was reported and it will be sent to all moderators of the forum for prompt response.

Though moderators thoroughly check most seeds, we ask that the users take it upon them to do some self-policing to keep the site both high quality and legal. If you find any seeds containing lossy-sources, digitally flawed files, webcast rips, officially released material, or anything else in violation of the seeding policies, please report them.

Likewise, if there are harassing, off-topic, or posts in the wrong forum (ISO in the main BT forum) please report these so that we can keep the boards clean, efficient, and fun.

How come I can't edit my post?
You can.... for 10 minutes. We'd like to encourage people to think before they post. After that, if it's really important that a post be edited, please feel free to PM one of the Mods for that forum. We are allowing users to edit first posts in a thread indefinitely since we realize that many users may need to change setlists or close b&p offers and they need control over their first post.

I accidentally registered with the wrong username, what can I do?
If you registered with the wrong username, or you've decided you want to change your username, please hit the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page and send an email to the Site Admin asking to change the name. Please make sure to include your 'old' username and your registered email when making the request.

Do you have a search plugin for Firefox?
Yes, if you use Firefox as your browser (and we highly recommend you do), then you may install a search plugin that we made to make searching the Audio BitTorrent Downloads forum and the Video BitTorrents Downloads forum easy. Just install it (the zip file comes with easy installtion instructions) and then restart your browser and you are set to go!

My option "Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages" was turned off. Why?
If you have repeated bounced emails notifying you of Private Messages, then your option to "Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages" may get turned off by the Site Admin. Please do not turn this option back on unless you input a valid email to receive these messages.

I'm no longer subscribed to any threads, what happened?
If you have repeated bounced emails for your subscriptions, your subscriptions may get deleted by the Site Admin. Please do not subscribe to any more threads unless you input a valid email to receive these subscriptions.

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