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Good & Bad Traders If you've had either a good or bad experience with a trader here, please let people know.

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Old 2014-04-13, 11:08 PM
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Bad Trader: TripKore [part2]

Hey there. I've just found another thread about him but it's gone. By the way, i want to protect me and my partner from his bad words.

I have did some small trades with him last year and for real exclusive stuff. It hardly came fine, because HE IS really a stupid child.

Here is what he did wrote about me. I am FELIPE MENDES.

The REAL history:

Robert (TRIP) got 3 upgrades shows which i was interested.

April 04- Trip requested a list and i've told him it would take a time to get done because i needed to contact my partner for updates.
April 11- Trip mensaged me on FACEBOOK saying he got the 3 shows uploaded and wanted me to send him two rarities.

WHAT? We have never finished our deal, we didn't even said 'Ok, we have a deal, i will upload it for you as soon possible'

FOR SURE i would upload it for him no problem, but he msged me with stupid words, saying a 'welcome to bad trade list'

After all! As i can see on multiples forum, he don't know how to use the word 'Ok, deal'. He think you HAVE to send him whatever he wants before finishing the deal.

When ONE person says 'bad trader' it could easily be some personal problem but when +10 people around the world says the same thing, well... he is really the problem.

So for those who still doesn't know him, be careful.

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Old 2015-06-14, 10:43 PM
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Angry BAD TRADER-TRIPKORE (Robert Zimmerman)

I had an extremely horrible experience trading with Tripkore and I highly recommend avoid trading with him at all costs. Even with the small collection I had of concerts I had compared to him, he contacted me first on 11/15/13 mentioning that he was interested in a few videos of mine. He then gave me his website to look at and pick what I wanted from him. He appeared to have a really extensive collection as well as supposedly going out into the field and filming concerts for those that would supply him with money to get gas money and a ticket and film the show. He made note of all these high tech cameras and equipment he used and he appeared to be very organized and overall very legit. I then decided to trade with him and we had had some decent conversations. He selected 19 different concerts. I mentioned that al ot of my shows at that time were VHS bulk buys from other collectors that no longer had a use for them as they had already transferred them onto DVD and I knew how to do that was well and I got a great deal on them and a cheap way to build up my collection.. He related to that as he had a lot on VHS also. I then selected my 19 on 11/17/13. We had a good rapor in our conversations as he referred to me as "homie" and "my man" and said he also mentioned that he had gotten "permission" to film a Halestorm concert the Saturday after Thanksgiving that year. The website he uses to advertise this is and it's both him and his wife, his co conspirator.

In any event, some concerts he picked were on VHS and I updated him 11/24/13 on what I had done that far as I also had a full time job I was holding down along with overtime and what not. He mentioned that he also was busy, as he snowplows a lot during the winter and he has to travel for work from June to November. I then updated him on 12/8/13 as I was away with family on Thanksgiving and had to purchase more blank discs and I would update him when I was sending out along with a tracking number. I told him that I was ready to ship out on 12/12/13 and he provided me his address in Arlington MA. I then shipped out the next day on 12/13 and provided him a tracking number of 9114 9011 5981 5638 3843 29 and that the package would be delivered to him on 12/16/13. He said he was busy plowing and hadn't finished my dvd's but would after the following Monday due to a huge storm that was upcoming that weekend.He admitted to me on 12/16/13 at 809pm that he had received my package, thanked me and would finish up his half of the trade to send out to me. I had not heard a peep from him nor received any package in over a month. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt if we had kept in contact, which we did throughout the whole process while I was prepping up my half of the trade to send out...then not a word from him. Considering the bad snowstorms we had had, I let it go for a month and then inquired on 2/5/14 as to whether he had sent out the package or not. He actually got back to me and said that he had gotten all caught up with the holidays and then he had honestly forgotten about my package. He apologized profusely for it and said he had got hit by storms and was plowing...again with the winter conditions as they were I got that but at least communication to that effect would have been appreciated. I then did not hear from him again.

I then gave him even more time and with warmer weather on its way, I was figuring that he could tear himself away from all the plowing he was doing and I inquired again on 5/8/14 as to where my package was. This time there was no response. I then contacted him again 10 days later on 5/18/14 inquiring yet again. Nothing. I sent another email on 6/17/14 and told him that it had been awhile now since I had heard from him and just for him to drop me a line and let me know what was going on. He then got back to me that night and that he had now been busy filming concerts all over Ohio as well as traveling to work... and HE PROMISED that they would be done in between. I told him to keep in touch and that I appreciated the communication. He says he gets plenty of emails but doesn't read them and then when he wants to read them they get buried. Think that's rude if you have trades going on, wouldn't you say? Then I don't hear another peep from him...not a I inquire again on 8/19/14 to let me know what was going on. No response. I then contacted him again. Periodic emails back and forth thoughout the summer...nothing.

This then went all the way into 2015 and in one email I contacted him on 3/1/15 and I said he had not sent one email about letting me know what was going on...he then became a smart ass and simply wrote back to me "email," indicating that he sent me my one email---the word email...dick......I then try to hold my temper and ask him where my 19 shows were and gave him a list of what all 19 were to refresh his memory. He then became a real asshole and wrote me back thanking me for the list and that he admitted to never sending it and that he was glad we had cleared that up. I then told him no, it's not cleared up and saying that for someone who takes the time to acquire this massive ass collection and supposedly is going out and doing all this filming for people, why would you want to fuck someone like me over who didn't have HALF the collection he did. He then did hois one word response thing again simply saying "busy." I mentioned that he had no problem inquiring his "homie" as to the status of when I was sending out MY trades to HIM in addition to the updates that I had already provided that point, despite my stubborn best efforts, I knew I had finally lost out, which I already knew I had, but I'm a stubborn hard headed guy and wanted to keep harping on the guy till he sent out my shit. I told him that I would be going to message trading boards and would be reporting him to any one I could find and saying he was a bad trader. He then turned into a tough guy and saying he dared me to go to Boston to collect what I wanted personally and gave me his phone number and address...and since he was so bold in giving it to me so freely then, I'm going to play tough guy too and post them:

Acton, MA, USA

so apparently he had moved from Arlington MA to Acton. He then asked me how my threats were doing on 4/7/15. He then said he had put a post up on his website joking that he was a bad trader as a and that despite him opently saying he had not sent my trade out, he is still trading and that he has amassed a few hundred more shows. Now whether he ripped off others to get those shows like he did me is anybody's guess.

Since then I've started a new job with the state and had to undergo training and then had to move to another residence and pack up three bedrooms worth of stuff from family staying with me that had either left or passed away many years prior and I actually had real grown up real life stuff to do. But now that my life is in order, I'm here to fulfill my "threats" Rob. If I can save even one person from dealing with your and your fucking wife's shady no good asses, it will be worthwhile. If anyone wants more information, please feel free to contact me at as I have every email back and forth that Rob and I ever did.

Thank you,

Joseph Mangiaracina Jr.

Last edited by klingklang; 2015-06-16 at 01:30 AM. Reason: Sorry, but despite him ripping you and others off, you can't publicly post his home address/phone.
Old 2015-06-14, 11:42 PM
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Re: BAD TRADER-TRIPKORE (Robert Zimmerman)

I contacted him, twice I think, because on his website he have listed a few nightwish concerts that I want, but at the end we did not trade anything, and now I will stay totally away from him.
Old 2015-06-15, 12:29 AM
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Re: BAD TRADER-TRIPKORE (Robert Zimmerman)

glad I was able to help at least one trader not be ripped off by this guy and his wife...glad to read that your dealings with him only went the way of discussions and not an actual transaction, cause I'm sure he would have had you send first or tell you that he was just about to send when you actually did...very glad for you
Old 2015-06-15, 05:32 AM
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Re: BAD TRADER-TRIPKORE (Robert Zimmerman)

Had problems with him as well.. Very arrogant guy and avoiding trades with him means less problems.
Old 2016-12-02, 10:14 AM
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Great Trader: TripKore

No issues whatsoever. Nicest guy, super chill, sent shows in a whirlwind. Not sure what type of entitlement issues one must be plagued by in order to not get along with him.
Old 2017-06-16, 08:43 AM
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Questionable Trader: TripKore

He first says 'sure, let's do the trade after Halloween'. I've sent next message after the said date and dude doesn't know what trade I'm talking about even though we've agreed to one like 2 weeks ago.

Avoid, he will just waste your time. On top of that, it is very well known that he's a hypocrite, examples below:

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