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Lossy or Lossless?

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Old 2006-08-10, 10:41 AM
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Re: 'Invalid argument'........ 'internal error 22'

Originally Posted by rosalee
Thank you for that info, AND the emoticon...... very cool

No, not stopping, all set with that. Just that i noticed that 'sometimes' when i check the 'peers' list and look at seeders expecting to see myself listed, i am not there. As soon as i hit, 'manual announce' button (on btTorn.... haven't used uTor over there yet), bingo, i am back on the list of seeders. So i was wondering whether all that time i was not showing up(they say the tracker announces every 45min), i was seeding altruistically in the purist sense(no credit ). Now that i am switching over to the uTor client, i just want to be sure i know how to 'manually' announce myself to the tracker and not lose those valuable little bits of credit. Seems so hard to get one's esr up at DIME(without uploading a show). I will do that eventually. In the meantime, i do manipulate my bandwith, try not to spread it too thin, etc. Fortunately, i have the fatest pipe i could get from my isp without going T1....... ouch$ Well, i think i'm just looking for easy info here, without reading the uTor 'how to' Apologize. Thanks all the same tho...... i will go read.
hi rosalee,

right click on the torrent name you want to announce then in the drop down box you'll see "update tracker" at/near the bottom of the that and it announces you to the tracker as well as updating your scrape....

also, as long as you don't disconnect you should get credit for all of your uploading as long as the tracker is working....sometimes you won't appear in the list because the actual web-page is not updating as fast as the tracker...just make sure you've announced and gotten updated before you stop a torrent...


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Originally Posted by general eclectic View Post
Because we can't get by without [you].
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Old 2006-08-10, 01:09 PM
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Re: 'Invalid argument'........ 'internal error 22'

Hi 'Starman', hope you are doing well?!

Thanks for the info. I was being a bit lazy i think looking for eazy info without doing my homework first. But thanks for making life easier!!

When my windoze crashed(hour ago) and all my torrents shut down, i did not close all my open torrents properly, obviously. Anyway, to my pleasant suprise, when i started a *new* torrent in uTor, all of them came back up running smoothly in the uTor window. I am liking this 'new' bt client, uTor. Nice and tidey Still have a couple running as seeds in BtTorn, but as soon as i make good mileage out of those, that's it....... time to uninstall. Was nice while it lasted but i have found a new client

Well, that is enuff public discourse I will drop you a pm
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Old 2006-08-16, 09:08 AM
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Re: 'Invalid argument'........ 'internal error 22'

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Your problem is easily resolved also...

I told the Doc "It hurts when I do this".....

Doc sez..."Well then, don't do that!

Thanks Lynne
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