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Good & Bad Traders If you've had either a good or bad experience with a trader here, please let people know.

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Old 2015-07-20, 11:19 AM
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Thumbs down Bad Trader: jnwashere

Jane (Talena MOgo)

In short: Ripped me off for 5 shows total and keeps spreading lies to flip the script and cover up the situation. Be wary. Never send first, even after an initial first small trade goes through.

Details: About a month ago I received a PM, showing interest in one of my master videos. After a few rather confusing rounds of e-mails and a whole lot of "I don't have a real list, haven't updated anything in ages but have rare Ministry 1995 master recordings" we agreed on an online trade. Despite the apparent red flags (no real list, constantly changing stories regarding the nature of the rare recordings and their availability), the first round of 2 audio shows went ok. Once it came to the uncirculated 1995 Japan masters though, things went pear shaped. I was asked to upload 5 shows immediately and told at the same time by Jane/ jnwashere that she wouldn't have access to the e-mail address stated above for a few days. In good faith, I uploaded the 5 shows right away and asked for her to upload 5 shows in return. I asked her to get back to me once she is back online. This is where it all came to an abrupt halt, me upholding my end of the deal. Ever since, not a single peep from her under the stated e-mail address. Same with PM's here on TDD. However, a couple of days ago I started getting more Ministry trade requests, phrased in the same 'unique' non-native speaker English like the ones originally received from jnwashere. Mind you, I’m not a native speaker myself and therefore would never dare to put someone’s English language skills on display. But for the sake of making a point here, it can’t be avoided. Anyway, these new e-mails from Jane Nakashima and Rick Tores followed the lead of the one initially sent by jnwashere (no current updated list, slow upload speed, similarly poor and very hard to understand English). I suspect they were all sent by one and the same person. In these new mails I was asked for trades and to send first. Because, and now it gets really interesting, I am a bad trader that sends out incomplete and altered shows. I was accused to be a trader that converts files to lossy quality. This of course is hysterical on so many levels, words fail me. Lets get this straight. I send you 5 shows, you send me nothing in return. I never hear back from you and I am the bad trader. What a joke. Full disclosure, the shows traded were audio shows. I am typically dealing in video. I download 99% of the little audio that I keep in my collection from dime and whatnot. I don't check the shows for lossless. I assume it being uploaded to dime or TDD is verification already. Be that as it may, if a fellow collector has a problem with a show received from me I would expect this collector to reach out to me so that the problem can be rectified. That's how civilized grown ups act. I should have just listened to the first sign of red flags and not engaged further. I wouldn’t even have posted all this if it wasn’t for this tidal wave of lies that jnwashere unleashed. I’d have let this all go. Because at the end of the day, I don’t mind sending someone a handful of audio shows. Sharing is caring

Here's the link to the 5 Ministry audio shows I uploaded for this trade. Just in case anyone would like to grab them.!ClNDTY7b!qZGfh-baa-WCLl9YwZMEhA

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Old 2015-07-23, 02:50 PM
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Re: Bad Trader: jnwashere

I've traded with TMaster more times than I can recall over a number of years. My experience has been nothing short of outstanding. I personally know others who have also traded with TMaster and also had an excellent experience. He is absolutely a stand up guy.

Unfortunately, I too have had a similar experience with this same Rick Tores, aka Jane Washere, aka Jane Nakashima, aka Al Davidson and very likely other alias'. Same fake broken English. His real name is Erik Torres and operates out of PO Box in Phoenix Arizona. The initial test trade will go fine and once you send your stuff he will disappear and you will never hear from him again. Fair warning, he may pop up again under a different alias and try it again. He has for me, TMaster and others. Torres has also been known to take mp3 and bloat them up to FLAC and claim they are lossless.

Erik Torres is a thief and a liar and should not be trusted under any circumstance.
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Old 2015-07-24, 04:12 PM
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Re: Bad Trader: jnwashere

You can now add apparently Steve Lars to Torres' alias list.
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