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Old 2006-07-18, 04:36 PM
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Re: Does poor ratio equate bad trader?

Originally Posted by puunjab
Fuck you you condescending prick. When your ISP shuts you off twice for uploading too much you have to throttle back. I was a perfect 1 on Dime for over a year until Cox Cable shut me off. I didn't get the message to stop because I didn't use that email. In addition their front line tech didn't even know they shut me off. We spent an hour troubleshooting before it escalated to the next level. At that point they told me they shut me off.

They also told me they could care less about how much I download. I will continue to download as much as I can and I won't feel guiloty about it at all. When cox stops bitching me out and shutting me off I will upload an exact 1.0.

Until then fuck all you self righteous bastards. There is one big flaw in all of your arguments. Even if I upload nothing and download the complete show I haven't prevented anyone else from getting it. If the others are sharing I'm bumped to low man on their torrent peer list. There is no way I'll get it and somehow have stolen their bandwidth so they can't. I might not be helping new users get it when I get off, but I can't.

This "whole your stealing if your not 1.0" is bullshit. Until they enforce a ratio you haven't violated one damn thing.

I've got a Buckethead DVD and then a major Tea Leaf Green project coming. I firmly intend to put a dislaimer in the torrents that anyone who has ever bitched about ratios shouldn't download either one. If you do then your disregarding my wishes and stealing from me. Take it somewhere where ratios are enforced or shut the fuck up.


That was sooo insecure and defensive. If you truly didn't care, you would have wasted that hour and a half to write that post
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The Traders' Den > Where we go to learn ..... > Site Announcements & Suggestions

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