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Lossy or Lossless?

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Old 2007-06-01, 06:54 PM
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torrents from other sites

im sure this has been answered before, but with 109 pages of questions i think its faster to move the question to the top of the pile again!

I have a bunch of downloaded shows from other sites and i still have the complete folders in flac, with the torrents.....

since there are no leechers from anywhere else, i would like to put the shows on here because i have not seen them in the lists... how do i go about doing that, and is it allowed? i would like to give them to this site before i remove them from my HD

also.... do i have to add another piece to the lineage if i convert something from flac... burn it to a disc, then make a torrent from that CD afterwards>....

does this....?

become this...?

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Old 2007-06-01, 07:33 PM
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Re: torrents from other sites

Let me see if I can answer all your questions

First off, torrents from other sites are welcome here. However, common courtesty dictates a few things.
  • You should wait until the torrent has pretty much dwindled away on the other site. 10 seeders on one site is better than 2 on several other sites. Except if....
  • Some seeders just don't have enough bandwidth to share the show on several sites at once, but they really want it shared. Sometimes they say this in their text file, sometimes a quick PM to them asking for permission to share it immediately on another site will get you permission or get you a polite reply to wait a week or so.
  • You should try to give credit to the original uploader and site, if you know them. Sometimes, when you download from another site, it is a show that has already made it's rounds and you don't really know who the originator is, but sometimes the person is the taper or original converter and they state it and so you should try to give credit to them.
  • The site rules here still apply to anything that is uploaded. So, it may be a great show, but if it doesn't meet the policy here, then it should not be uploaded here.
  • The show must be shared in it's original form with the original checksums/fingerprints! So, a lineage of flac (from other site) > CD > EAC > wav > flac is NOT allowed! UNLESS....
    • You are now converting the show to a better lossless codec. In that case, you should include the shntool md5s of the original files (not standard wholefile md5s) and you include the shntool md5s or fingerprints of the converted file (so we can see they are the same as before)
    • The show had SBEs and you are correcting them. Lineage should indicate this
    • The show is being remastered. Some remastering notes should be included and the lineage should indicate the remastering (it's also polite to ask the taper, if known, if he minds his show being remastered).
Hopefully that answers your question. But, basically, if you have a show with full lineage from another site, the show is basically done on the other tracker, and you want to upload the exact copy of that show here, then the answer if that it is fine.
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