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Lossy or Lossless?

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Old 2006-08-08, 09:18 AM
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PC App That Can Detect Sample Rate Prior To Recording?

Hi everyone.

Here's my deal.

I have a Zoltrix Soundcard with optical and coax inputs. The coax input does not work and I only hear static when I run audio into it.
I have an Onkyo MD deck with Optical and Coax outputs.
I have a Tascam DAT deck with Coax output.

I have confirmed that using the Onkyo MD deck as a signal passthru to the Zoltrix Optical In does not run the signal through ATRAC compression. When and analog or digital signal is passed thru, the signal retains it's full frequency - no loss.

My problem - Getting a Dat coax signal to my optical input on my soundcard. I can use the Onkyo MD deck as a passthru for the coax line to the optical on the soundcard but I have no way of knowing if the signal is hitting the Onkyo's sampling rate converter and down sampling to 44.1.

I use Adobe Audition to record SPDIF audio. Problem is there is no way to tell what the sampling rate of an incoming SPDIF is - you have to specifiy the samp rate in the software before you record. So for DAT I would specify 48 but what *might* be happenning is the the it goes DAT 48>Onkyo 41>Adobe Audition 48. That's ugly.

I know I can buy a coax>optical converter for about $20.

But what I really want to know is if there is software that will tell me the sampling rate of a raw incoming SPDIF signal so I can maybe save a few bucks by confirming the Onkyo is not downsampling the passed thru signal.

Any ideas?


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The Traders' Den > Where we go to learn ..... > Technobabble

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