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Originally Posted by juxtiphi View Post
Hi Lynn

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post

Also, when you log in, are you checking the Remember Me box or not? And has this login/not-logged-in issue been going on the whole time you have been a member, or just recently (and if so, about how long)?

I always check the remember me box ( although none of the sites I frequent seem to remember me ) and this is the torrent page I was talking about

Its happend 3 times that I can remember and it was only within the last couple months, it doesnt happen a lot its just a little weird when it does.

thanks for trying to figure it out
Hmmm, I thought originally this was about the other torrents page. Now this is really confusing. The link is to a standard vbulletin forum page (not like the other torrents page which is one I coded). I can't imagine why that page would log you out.

Did this perhaps start happening around the beginning of December which is when we upgraded to the new version of vbulletin software? The only other major change we have done to the site was last September when we upgraded the hardware on our webserver and had to reinstall php.

I'll have to think about this one cuz it is really weird.
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