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Re: Our domains have been stolen

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
....but they say the new registrar can say no....they are well aware that they were stolen....I'm hoping they are going to give them back.
Well, after all,...possession is nine tenths of the law right? Or at least in terms of internet domains that's the rule of thumb it seems.

My sympathies Lynne.

I know a previous poster noted a financial angle, but I don't think you've addressed this in any of your posts. Are you incurring any additional money burdens due to this from legal assistance/phone bills/lost work/...."stamps??" (heck, how about an extra 5th of your favorite hard stuff to calm your nerves through all this that we can all pitch in on ) as I think that the community should be pitching in to assist in a larger way than normal to help out.
And as I noted in a previous post, you've got a ton of people here from all walks of life so I'm sure there's advice a'plenty if you need/ask. I'm sure you've been e-mailing/PMing with different people in that regards anyways but don't fight the fight alone when you've got a potential army waiting in the wings.
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