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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Beyond N Back
I logged on and searched "freezer" to see if there were any new masters uploaded and found this thread (tough read for only 4 pages). I won't defend my social life or lack of, but I do have enough dignity not to ever get spotted lurking in one of those lounge threads.

Listened to a great Larry Raspberry Freezer master on my commute
1. New Masters coming soon from the freezer. I recorded 40+ sets from 6 days of the 2007 New Orleans Jazz Fest.

2. Glad you enjoyed the Larry Raspberry.

3. DCBullet lives the Lounge......

4. The Lou Reed 11/8/74 torrent has disappeared. Why?

5. Nothing new coming from dcbullet except more of his same old gripes.

6. Are you ever going to offer anything ever, dcbullet? That is, except more of your griping.....

(Oh, that wacky bullet....he thinks it's an insult just to ask him when he'll finally contribute something back.....This is the perfect thread for dcbullet to brag about NEVER giving anything back......)


Originally Posted by Spider_Web
Well, then you are calling some serious Led Zep collectors liars.
Originally Posted by DanDavis
If the shoe fits......
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