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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh
dont feed us bullshit & then expect us to respect your thoughts.

Bot made some valid points its own Bot way -sorry the truth stings (and yes bot likes to gently tease).

Dont take people for idiots pisses them off... babe.
I'm very sorry you feel this way...I meant no harm, but obviously offense has been taken...I meant the U2Lynne comment in good fun...she's a great person (from what i know of her online) and she is right that I shouldn't get my knickers twisted...I was just acknowledging that, but I guess it wasn't taken right...sorry

I'm not entirely sure which bullshit you thought I was feeding you, but I'm sorry you feel the way you do...I simply feel that people who are intentionally hateful to other people aren't kind people, and there seems to be a lot of that, and I guess I fell into a little of it myself (for which I am sorry) and I guess I don't expect people to "respect" my thoughts as much as just understand how I feel about things, regardless if it's right or wrong...I am very open to the idea of being wrong and being corrected, but that can't happen unless I am honest about how I feel and get honest feedback (which is proving hard to do around here, and I too may not have been as constructive as I should be...unfortunately, and I'm sorry)

as far as a screename goes I think phish blowz and thought I'd share that with people...I really didn't know anyone online and didn't really give it a whole lotta thought, just thought it was cute, and ran with it...lots of folks think it's great, and there are a lot of folks who don't like phish who had to pm me with their approval (and dismay that they didn't think of it first) but I guess some may find it rude...but we are allowed to like and dislike whatever band we choose, and advertise the fact if we want to, but that shouldn't mean that I am attempting to offend their fans as opinion of the band has nothing to do with my opinion of the fans...I love the Dead but that doesn't mean there weren't a fair share of assholes n the crowd...I'm sure many phish fans are good people...I've always enjoyed your efforts here, and try to be kind and post nice things and such on the torrents, and I am a little surprised that you would take me that way, so I must have come off rather poorly...for that I apologize once again

I think now that I have discussed the issue at length and received lots of helpful feedback on the matter, I have come to this...originally I felt that a ratio enforcement would ban many of the people that abuse the site, but then I realized (through constructive feedback) that it would ban good people too, and then I figured we could adjust the ratio to reflect the other efforts of sharing (bnp and vines, etc.) but it was pointed out that it would be a statistical nightmare for admin so I abandoned that idea...then I said we should ban people who are intentionally hateful and obnoxious, but it has become apparent that I, while trying to be a decent person, have come across as the same type of asshole I complain about (I feel pretty bad about that BTW) so I think we are left with only one solution...submission to the status quo...but I am left with just one question...

can't we all just get along

sorry I offended some folks...some I intended to offend and some took offense who I didn't intend to, but hopefully all this can be put behind us...I haven't got much else to add on the thread topic, because truly there is no answer but to leave it alone, or just shut the whole friggin thing down...there is no reasonable grey area on this I will leave it alone...hopefully I will be forgiven for being a bit aggressive...I let it get to me, and I am working hard to let it go, and be a better person...and to reiterate...phish DOES blow, but they have some cool fans...please don't be offended by that, but I am known as who I am and to change that now would be a real pain in the retrospect I wish I had picked something cooler, but it's my name, and I live with it...I hope you can too...I love this place (I think we all do for watever our reasons are) so we all have something in common...hopefully we can build on that and not harbor resentment against each other...peace and love people (sorry I let hate and contempt seep in)

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