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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by scoobie View Post
Remasters should at least be regulated by an official qualified definition.

Within reason, certain modifications must be allowed to address tape flaws, but certain other adjustments should not be permitted.

Correct for speed, etc., but it's a pain in the neck when someone screws around with the EQ before I get the tape. Some of the recent Nirvana uploads, for example.
Originally Posted by chinajoe View Post
if you limit what can be done, then how about limiting which software could be used?
i think more important than saying "only this, this, & this can be done" or "only remasters done with these software titles" would be limiting remasters to the "pros" so to speak, ones that have proven their knowledge & abilities over time...proper remastering ain't just applying a few filters & EQ, something a lot of the remasterers on the web today don't realize

for instance, the Harvested folks...we all know they're not some random kids with ProTools LE in mom's basement...they have the knowledge & experience [& gear] to properly bring out the best in some of those old Floyd recordings...not allowing HRV releases would be completely retarded

there are numerous other examples, including some tapers/collectors who have proven over the years their abilities in the studio...

a proper list would have to be worked out, and new additions would have to be taken on a case by case basis, but i believe that between all of us on Staff we can make solid decisions that are in line with TTD's mission
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