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burning flac files


well.. i burned a dvd with flac files on it.. i always check on or two files and delete the bootleg then..

recently i accidentally caught a faulty file.. so i checked the whole dvd with flac frontend.. and nearly 60% of it was faulty.. the files on the hdd were ok.. so i burned the same composition again.. same again, many broken files.. but not the same ones.. i checked older dvds and they also had some problems..

during the writing process i had absolutely no problems.. the buffer was ok.. windows burn service is deactivated..

now i reinstalled nero and tried a cdr.. with two bootlegs on it.. one file is faulty.. when i burn video files everything is working.. as far as i can estimate that..

is there a program to check video files?

do you also have this problem? can i restore the broken files? how can this be avoided?

flac frontend gives me this error message:

Kasabian - 06. Butcher Blues.flac: testing, 76% completeKasabian - 06. Butcher B

Kasabian - 06. Butcher Blues.flac: ERROR while decoding data

i have a sony DRU-710A and i use philips dvd+r & sony cd-r media..
windows xp..

thanks in advance..

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