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Re: Banned from another site

Well, the first thing to do is thank all of you for bothering yourselves to give me an answer, since the very reason for Yeeshkul ban me could also apply here in TTD. As for the problem, what I wonder is: if I keep my active complete torrents from Yeeshkul available for seeding while the ban remains, will it increase my ratio at Yeeshkul? i.e., I have several full torrents ready to seed on my uTorrent, but I don't know if they are accessed or if they increase my ratio on Yeeshkul, while I'm banned. If anyone knows this will help a lot.

From now on, I'll certainly pay more attention on seeding the DL'd torrents, since in general, internet providers in Brazil privileges your download rate, cutting your upload rate to 10% of your average DL speed. Itīs in the contract for the service.

Another fact, since Iīve entered TTD community I'm permanently firewalled by the internet provider. Brazilīs Internet legislation is completely lame and causes that many common internet applications nearly impracticable.

Sincere thanks a lot to all!
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