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Mini-Dvd +rDL problems..I need better Software

Unfortunately i bought this Samsung DCD-564 minidvd camcorder...
I have videod the Dixie Dregs, Garaj Mahal, Jazzfest2007(steelydan,allmans)
And last nite i filmed the entire Police show from Denver..

Heres my problem.. this camcorder sucks so bad that it will either error out or not finalize 2/3 of all discs i record onto... I know the discs have the Vid/audio on them..but i am unable to access anything past the 1st layer.. I have bought a program called Cdroller to extract the dvds..but 90% of the time.. the software will not recognize anything on the second layer..I have contacted the manufacturer with no luck to get an update or fix

I need software to get this unfinalized video and music off of these mini-dvd dual layers... Please someone help me..and ill get all this great footage uploaded..

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