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Question Problems sharing torrents once I've finished downloading

Hi please help,

Recently I've been having problems continuing to share files that I have finished downloading from TTD. They upload fine while I'm downloading a torrent but once I've finished I get a 'Tracker sending Null data' message.

A few other facts for consideration:
I'm being told that I'm not firewalled,
These problems started to happen not long after I remember reading the home page news about server denile attacks and mainline version whatever being banned,
My internet service provider has recently changed ownership (no noticeable change for me though),
I'm using u-torrent.

One final thought, I'm showing as seeding a few TTD torrents - these tend to be ones that I downloaded since I first noticed these problems - does anyone know whether there is a limit to the number of torrents that we can seed on this tracker?

I'd really appreciate suggestions on how to correct this as my share ratio has dropped by a couple of points since I first noticed this.

Thanks in advance
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