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Gaps in songs after extracting with Magic ISO

I have recently gotten access to some shows that the taper would like help sharing. All shows I am receiving in the form of a Magic ISO file. One for each disc. The first one I posted, I selected the ISO file and selected the extract here option which yielded me .wav files. At this point every one of the shows has gaps at the end of the tracks. However, if I double click the ISO file and burn it to disc it is gap less. Anybody know what I'm missing here
Bootsy Collins -

We were brash young fellows'. I was always hanging with the older crowd anyway. The musicians were the Hip Cats, and I was hanging with them anyway. I Just started out real early. We were just so happy to be playing with James Brown. We wouldn't have dared asked for any writer's credits, we didn't know anything about that.

When we got with George, he didn't care what was happening. He liked how crazy we were looking and dressing. I kinda liked being with George more so at the time, because George let us do what we wanted to do. But I needed both lessons.
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