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Looking for an auto flac Player. Question flac 16 bit 44.1 vs 16 bit 48 khz

For my car I want an AM FM HD tuner with CD and Flac playable through a usb flash drive. I found two Kenwood KDC-X700 it plays flac files at 48 khz 16 bit the other is a Pioneer DEH-X 8800 it has all of the Kenwood features but the flac files are 44.1 16 bit. The main question: I notice most flac files are 44.1 they play in the pioneer however it says about the Kenwood they play flac at 48 khz. Anyone know will flac files set at 44.1 khz play on a player which states in the specs 48 khz, are 44.1 khz flac files playable in a player set at 48 khz ? or would all the 44.1 khz files not play on the Kenwood which is set at 48 khz ? I wonder if most flac files are written in 44.1 why would Kenwood come out with a player set at 48 khz ?

I found out The Kenwood will play everything up to 48 khz.

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