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Re: BootTunes: Useful program for iTunes users

I was just looking for a way to get shows to my iPhone/Pod/Pad...

I haven't had time to mess w/ it since, but probably like you said, I need to manually add some info, but I really don't necessarily want a long file unsplit for those devices...

I can play flac on everything on my PC. I only use iTunes to work w/ my devices listed above. This is pretty cool for what it does...

I use exrecodeII to do this already though & it does work w/ sidecar files (such as cue) & will split all the tracks on recoding. You can also add images, text, etc., but you have to do it manually. It's more versatile, but yours is nice & quick, for what you have it doing. Maybe you can download exrecode & see how it's engineered?

oh, & yes, there's a few forums, that do like the long file. Yeeshkul has been promoting this, as they banned people from splitting tracks & uploading. Much like the no remaster policy here, if you are the taper & split it, it's ok, if the original poster posted in 1 file, a split track version is not allowed...

Those that split tracks and then upload...

If the original seeder wanted their releases to be split into tracks they would've done so themselves.

What you do for your own personal usage is up to you, but do not upload such pathetic excuses for 'remasters' here. It's extremely rude towards the original seeders and their efforts and a rather lame practice in order to boost your ratio.

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