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Re: BootTunes: Useful program for iTunes users

Thanks for the feedback, Paul.

Although I've heard of cue files, I'd never actually seen one in the wild, so I didn't think to add support for them. Where do you encounter them, usually?

PNG files are supported. You say the "no file to add" message appears after choosing an image? There is a "Nothing to add" message that appears when you click the "Add to iTunes" button when there aren't any valid recordings in the queue. If a show is missing information needed to form its title, it will be considered invalid and appear in red, and if that is the only thing in the queue when you click "Add" you will get the "Nothing to add" message. Is that what happened?

I know ALAC files are bigger than FLAC, but it's the only lossless compression that iTunes supports. If by "doing a codec" you mean converting to a lossy format, you can always do that from iTunes. There's even an option that'll automatically create AAC versions whenever you copy ALAC files to a device.
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